Filtered mineral water from your tap.

Osmosys Home

- monthly -
99 Per Month
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Free Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • Free Installation
  • Free Maintenance
  • No Permanence

Osmosys Home

- annually-
99 Per Year
  • Save 50€ annually
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Free Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • Free Installation
  • Free Maintenance
  • No Permanence

Why sign up?

All features are included in your monthly subscription

Get the OsmoFlow.

We install a free, high quality reverse osmosis filtration system within days of signing up.

Drink more water.

Have direct access to unlimited healthy mineral water from your tap. No need to carry bottles home.


Our intelligent unit knows when the filters need a swap and we change them whenever it works best for you.

What Our Clients Say!

I’m using Osmosys since 6 months and I can’t be happier! The water quality and taste is top, the amount of plastic we didn’t generate is ridiculous, doing groceries became more pleasant since we don’t buy bottled water, and etc. Super recommended for you and the for the environment!
Alexandra Lupea
We got this water system just before the lockdown, and it was the best decision of the year! No more plastics, also we live in 4th floor without elevator, so not having to carry the heavy water everyday is another plus! Since we got Osmosys, we are definitely drinking more water than we did before, and the water tastes just soooo smooth! Also they have a great customer service! When we had a minor problem, the installer came the next day and fixed in 5min without any charging:) Great service in general!
Tan Jin
We've been using Osmosys system since march, in two different locations, and we are very happy about it. The technology is reliable and ecological, the water tastes (and is) pure, the founders are really nice and quickly respond to our demands. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to drink good water in Barcelona and get rid of plastic bottles.
Charlotte Jean

We take everything bad out of your water...

...and add some good.

Annual Savings

Plastic Bottles
€ Euros
KG of CO2
KG of Plastic

Calculations are based on an average 3 person household in Barcelona

Choose your taste

We offer three different water profiles. Their individual mineral composition results in three distinct tastes.

Drink Up

Stay connected and track all interesting details about your new water service. The Osmosys mobile app can even help you to stay hydrated. Available on iOS and Android.

Water Data

Drink all the water you need and check your consumption details.


Have a look at how many plastic bottles you helped save.


Stay up to date with special offers and system updates to use all new features.

Your Info

Have all your details available and change them with one click.

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