The Memory of Water: A Fascinating Phenomenon – Osmosys Water Blog –

Water is a substance that is essential to all life on earth. It is also a substance that has long been thought to have unique properties that have puzzled scientists for centuries. One of these properties is known as the “memory of water,” which refers to the ability of water to retain information about substances that have been dissolved in it. In this article, we will explore the concept of the memory of water and its potential implications for the fields of science and medicine.

The healing power of crystals and water? – Osmosys Water Blog –

Crystals have a powerful effect on water, both in terms of its physical properties and its energetic properties. Many people believe that crystals can imbue water with a special type of energy, making it “alive” and more potent. This idea is based on the principles of crystal healing, which suggests that each type of crystal has its own unique energetic signature that can be transferred to the water.