PROMO ⚡️ Special Black Friday Discount: First Month FREE


PROMO ⚡️ Special Black Friday Discount: First Month FREE | Text or Call: 644657100

The first subscription-based home water service

For a small monthly payment everyone can enjoy the benefits of osmosis at home.

Install and maintenance included!

299 €/year

29'99 €/month

* Due to the poor municipal water quality in the Cala D'or area we must increase the service frequency of our filtration systems. To ensure the highest water quality, customers in this area see a slight price increase compared to our service in Barcelona.
Cancel anytime, only for subscriptions under 6 months we have to charge a 50€ deinstallation fee.

Professional install guaranteed by The British Contractor

There are only advantages


Enjoy great water for you and your family.


Unlimited water at a fixed and very affordable price.


Without leaving home, without effort, without carrying bottles.


You will reduce the use of bottled water and CO2 in transport.

How does Osmosys work?

1. Sign up online here or call us at 679 644 909.

2. We install a high-end and latest generation equipment

3. Enjoy all the water you want

4. Forget about the rest

Compact equipment, smart tap

We install a state-of-the-art equipment, with a water quality reader and connection to the cloud. The smart led faucet is also included in the subscription.

Stay informed with our app

With the Osmosys app you will know at all times the water quality and the consumption of you and your family. The app will let you know when a filter change is necessary and you just pick an appointment for a machine swap.

It's a lifestyle

For those who give importance to health, for those who appreciate comfort, for the saver, and for those who are committed to it, Osmosys is the new lifestyle.

Pure water from your tap for very little €

All included and without permanence


299 €/year

Be part of something bigger

Annual Savings

Plastic Bottles
€ Euros
KG of CO2
KG of Plastic

Calculations are based on an average 3 person household in Barcelona


We answer any questions you may have

Installation is free and maintenance is included in the small monthly fee.

Osmosys is ideal for cooking / cleaning food, making ice cubes, infusions, teas, coffees …

You have unlimited water for everyone.

As soon as we agree, our technical service will go to your home to install Osmosys under your sink. And in most cases, in less than an hour everything will be finished!

Do you want more information? We call you and we will tell you

Are you thirsty?
Let us help!

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