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a checklist for your Osmo Home Service

Our service is currently only available in Ibiza, Mallorca and Barcelona.

The OsmoFlow Installation

The OsmoFlow doesn’t need much, but please make sure your home fulfils the following criteria before checking out:

This will ensure a successful installation and quick access to the highest quality water at your home.

We charge a 100€ deposit for the OsmoFlow Home Water Purifier which you get back after we collect the equipment.

OsmoFlow SpaceV3

The Flow Tap Installation

Our Flow Tap requires a Ø 15mm hole in your sink or countertop. 

If we need to remove The Flow Tap we will replace the hole with a suitable cover (no extra fee). 

Our replacement faucet Nemo is the first smart faucet combining hot, cold and filtered water output in a beautiful design.  

  • Requires a standard Ø 32mm diameter hole
  • Requires standard M12 hot/cold tube connection
  • Size: 320 x 140 x 260mm

Is your home ready for install?

I give authorisation to drill an 15mm hole in my sink

I cannot modify my sink and will need a Smart 3-Way Tap
(100additional charge)

I’m not sure, can you contact me with more information?

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