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Before we get started...

a checklist for your Osmo Business Service

The Osmo Installation

The Osmo doesn’t need much, but please make sure your home fulfills the following criteria before checking out:

This will ensure a successful installation and quick access to the highest quality water at your business.

We charge a 100€ deposit for the Osmo Home Water Purifier which you get back after we collect the equipment.

The Smart Tap Installation

Our Smart Tap requires a Ø 20mm hole in your sink or countertop. 

If we need to remove The Smart Tap we will replace the hole with a suitable cover (no extra fee). 

Our replacement faucet Nemo is the first smart faucet combining hot, cold and filtered water output in a beautiful design.  

  • Requires a standard Ø 32mm diameter hole
  • Requires standard M12 hot/cold tube connection
  • Size: 320 x 140 x 260mm

Is your business ready for install?

I give authorization to drill an 20mm hole in my sink

I cannot modify my sink and will need a Smart 3-Way Tap
(100€ Deposit)

I’m not sure, can you contact me with more information?

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