Sustainable Mineral Water At Home

The first connected home water purifier with adaptable water taste.

La Osmo

From 19,99€/month 

When you sign up for Osmosys Home Service

Our Osmo Home Water Purifier combines 5+ stage filtration, multiple water quality sensors and an on-board computer with Wi-Fi connectivity to keep your unit operating at peak potential and gives you real-time feedback on water quality and consumption. Additionally, the unit informs you and Osmosys when a filter change is becoming due or if there is any other issue. It comes with all necessary equipment for install and installation is included with the Home Service.

  • 4 L/min flow rate
  • 5 L internal tank
  • 23 min refill time
  • 280 L/day
  • 1,5/1 recovery rate
  • 35 watts of power during water production
  • <1 watt of power in standby
  • Electronic faucet
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Leak detector
  • BPA free
  • Dimensions: 510x405x182mm
  • Stage 1: A cotton-based sediment filter which removes particles larger than 5 micron, taking out particles like silt and debris.
  • Stage 2: A granular activated-carbon filter removes chlorine and other organic compounds from the water causing bad taste.
  • Stage 3: A solid activated-carbon filter further removes trace amounts of chlorine, organic compounds, and micro-plastics, further refining the water.
  • Stage 4: Here’s where the magic happens! The membrane separates water molecules from other molecules via a high-pressure-differential process known as “reverse osmosis“. After this filter, any particle bigger than 0.0001 micron is removed. That’s small enough that viruses, bacteria, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and just about anything bigger than a water molecule (water is the 2nd smallest molecule, only diatomic hydrogen (H2) is smaller) gets rejected into the waste water, which we call concentrate. The remaining pure water, which we call permeate, is passed to the final stage.
  • Stage 5: Our previous four stages have removed everything from the water, including minerals. Our 5th stage actually adds measured quantities of minerals back to the water for taste, giving you the water taste you love. We even have several different mineral compositions available for varying tastes in water. This is why you might prefer one bottled-water brand over another!

While you have an active Osmo Home subscription or Annual Maintenance contract, the unit is perpetually under warranty. For purchased Osmos without a maintenance contract, we guarantee the unit to be free from manufacturing defects or failure for a period of 2 years, and any repairs due to failure after the warranty has expired time can be made for a simple service fee of 59 €.

The Future Of Water Filtration

The Osmo measures your water quality and consumption to inform you about filter status and water contamination. It makes sure only the highest quality mineral water is coming out of your tap.

Check the reduction of contaminations below:

Bad Taste Reduction


Microplastics Removed


Chlorine Removed


Bacteria Removed


Heavy Metals Removed


Hormones Removed


Performance In Numbers

Liters Per Day Waterproduction
Liters Per Minute
Internal Tank
Of Power

Choose Your Water Taste Profile

Now you can select your water to suit your lifestyle and taste. We offer three different water profiles to choose from. Their individual mineral composition results in three distinct tastes.

Whether you prefer a pure low mineral water, a balanced water with an average mineral content, or a high PH water for detox and fitness.

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