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Most frequent questions and answers

After signing up, we professionally install The Osmo: a high-end 5+ stage intelligent osmosis filtration system in your home which filters your tap water into high quality mineral water so you can stay hydrated without carrying plastic bottles home. The system is connected to the internet and informs our service of when your unit needs a filter change. Depending on usage, this needs to happen about once per year and is done by us in about 10-15 minutes on your schedule.

Yes, you can cancel anytime! We do not have minimum contracts. Both installation and removal is included in your Osmo service, and if you’re moving, we’ll relocate your unit for no additional cost as well! We guarantee our removal quality as well. If your landlord raises any issues with the former installation we will pay all repairs.

We charge a 100€ refundable deposit for the equipment upon sign-up. Besides this, there are no additional sign up fees or any other hidden costs, and you can use as much water as you need. All maintenance and warranty service is included, as well as installation and removal. When your service is disconnected and the unit is recovered by our technician or returned by you, we credit back the 100€ deposit.

The Osmo, our 5+ stage intelligent osmosis filtration system contains different filter stages optimised for home water consumption. The reverse osmosis membrane is a filter which has holes so small that only water molecules (0.0001 micron) can pass, this means the result is pure water without any contaminations.

The taste of water is almost completely dependent on its mineral composition. Our Osmo filtration unit first filters everything out of your tap water, leaving only pure H₂0. To give the water the taste you are accustomed to from bottled water, we add measured amounts of healthy minerals with our last filtration stage. Most of our users prefer the taste of Osmosys water over any other water, and because it’s customizable, you’re sure to find a taste that works for you.

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