Our Service Explained:

Learn about our water filter service as a subscription.

Sign up online

Sign up easily online or contact us on WhatsApp for more information.

Install included

24-48h after your sign up we install your water filter in less then 1h.

Enjoy your water

Stay hydrated and track your data in the osmosys app.

New filter in 5 min

Your water filter is connected and we get in touch with you for a filter change.

Stay hydrated

Our filter change ensures the high water quality and taste.

We move with you

Deinstallation or moving is included in your monthly subscription.

Save Money

No matter the price of water in the supermarket, drink all the water you want, and don’t sweat the details.

Save Time

Drink water relaxed from your tap at home whenever you want, instead of carrying heavy water bottles through the city and up your stairs. 

Save The Planet

Drink water plastic free at home and with our Osmosys high quality water bottle you are able to stay hydrated wherever you go.

Highest Quality Water Without Hassle

When you subscribe to Osmosys home service, the water from your tap will be of higher purity than most bottled water. The Osmo, our 5+ stage reverse-osmosis membrane system removes not only chlorine or reduces the amount of impurities in your water, it also protects you from any bacterias, viruses, hormones or pharmaceutics which can be found in your tap water. 

Moving Included

Moving apartments? Leave it to us: schedule a date and time to have your unit removed and re-installed to your new apartment, free of charge.

Self-Cleaning System

Our systems are custom designed with firmware that takes care of filter auto-flushing, and automatically notify you and Osmosys if there is a problem.

Health & Safety

Our water is safer to drink than bottled water, as it has not been sitting stale in low-grade plastics for months, and the purity will save your coffee machine and water kettle from calcification.

Installation Included

When you sign up for Osmosys, you can choose a date and time for installation that works for you and within one week your system is installed.

Fast Water Production

Our systems can produce up to 280 liters per day, more than enough to have water on demand for the whole household.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied during your first 30 days of service, you can cancel for any reason a full refund of your monthly charge and deposit upon unit removal.

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