The Osmosys Home Service

Sign up for the Osmosys Home Service and within 12 hours of signing up we will contact you to schedule an installation time that works for you. We won’t capture payment until your service is installed and you’re happy. The Osmo, installation, maintenance, and unlimited water use is included for one monthly fee.


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24,99€ /month

+ 100€ Refundable Deposit
Unlimited Usage + Insulated Bottle

19,99€ /month

+ 100€ Refundable Deposit
Limited Usage 4L/Day

249,99€ /year

+ 100€ Refundable Deposit
Unlimited Usage + Insulated Bottle + Save 50€

  • Free reverse osmosis unit
  • Free installation
  • Free maintenance

A 99€ deposit on the equipment will be held until your subscription is cancelled and the equipment is returned or collected by our technicians.

The Osmo is our reverse osmosis 5+ stage home water purifier. It is connected, smart and ensures that you can enjoy highest quality drinking water with peak performance. Read more on The Osmo information page. 

  • 4 L/min dispense rate 
  • 5 L internal tank 
  • 23 min refill time
  • 280 L/day
  • 1,5/1 recovery rate
  • 35 watts of power during water production
  • <1 watt of power in standby
  • Electronic faucet
  • Wi-Fi connection 
  • Leak detector 
  • BPA free
  • Dimensions: 510x405x182mm 

The Osmosys Water Bottle

Be part of the change: reduce plastic waste and refill your bottle with reliable drinking water so you can stay hydrated wherever you go. One is included free with an Osmo Home subscription, or buy more for the whole house.



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19,99€ - 24,99€

  • Double-walled construction 
  • High-quality stainless-steel material
  • Non-sweat matte coating
  • Leak-proof bamboo cap
  • Available in 350 or 750 milliliter capacity
  • 20/40 hours hot/cold capacity
  • BPA-free

This bottle is not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher, please wash by hand. Do not fill with carbonated beverages.

Size: 8x8x17-25mm

Weight: 0.2-0.35kg


The Osmosys Water Bottle V2

The new (500 ml) Glass Bottle is the perfect companion for healthy hydration. Made from shatter-resistant glass with a protective silicone sleeve and renewable bamboo cap, this version has increased stability and a wider mouth – for easy cleaning, adding ice, or both.



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  • Bottle: BPA-free, borosilicate glass
  • Sleeve: Soft silicone
  • Lid: Natural bamboo, Plastic
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Height: 24 cm
  • Width: 6,6 cm
  • Depth: 6,6 cm

The OsmoFlow

Our OsmoFlow Home Water Purifier combines 4+ stage filtration with smart water quality sensors and an on-board computer to keep your unit operating at peak potential. It gives you real-time feedback on water quality, and informs you when a filter change is becoming due or if there is an issue requiring attention.



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  • 1.5 L/min dispense rate 
  • direct flow
  • Up to 2271 L/day
  • 1,5/1 recovery rate
  • 70 watts of power usage during water production
  • <1 watt of power during standby
  • BPA free

We guarantee the unit to be free from manufacturing defects or failure for a period of 2 years, and any repairs due to failure after the warranty has expired time can be made for a simple service fee of 59 €. By maintaining an active Maintenance Service contract, your warranty is kept in force for the life of the contract.


The Maintenance Service

If you purchased your Osmo, you can subscribe to the maintenance service and whenever your Osmo needs a filter change we will reach out to schedule an appointment with you. Based on your usage and tap water quality this can happen 1-2 times a year.



in stock

  • Filter change 
  • Sanitation of the unit
  • Firmware update
  • Leak check
  • Warranty Extension 

By maintaining a maintenance service, your Osmo warranty will continue to be in force. Without the maintenance contract, The Osmo carries a 2-year warranty which expires after the original purchase date.


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