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Do you own a bar, cafe or restaurant? There’s many benefits to providing pure filtered water to your customers. If you are passionate about the taste of your coffee, remember that coffee is 98% water, and water quality has a huge effect on the taste of your coffee. We can provide tailored solutions for your water needs including specifically-balanced PH levels and mineral composites, as well as removing 100% of chlorine, which will let the true taste of your fine coffee shine through. There’s no equipment to buy, installers to pay, or filters to remember to change, we handle everything for a monthly or annual subscription. Our smart hardware automatically informs us of your filter levels, and if a change is necessary, we let you know to schedule a time convenient for your business.

Businesses use much more water than home users, and therefore require much more frequent filter changes. Additionally, we back all business accounts with a 24-hour SLA which means if there’s an issue with your service, we will fix it within 24 hours of being notified of the issue.

Cafés typically require service every three months and restaurants providing drinking water to customers will require monthly service, but the economic benefits are straight-forward. Your expensive espresso machine will stay free of calcification, your coffee will taste better, and your customers will be delighted to be able to purchase water that isn’t served in a single-use bottle. We can provide water carafes branded with your restaurant name on request, and you can still charge customers for water, though you’d be reducing waste massively and with very little unit cost (only your Osmosys monthly subscription!)

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