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Test Your Barcelona

Water Knowledge

Give the Quiz a go and check how much you know about Barcelona water

Let's test your knowledge on how much you know about Barcelona tap water!

There are 10 questions & a break for a glass of water in the middle. Ready?

Do you know how much micro-plastics we drink per month?

other things your probably didn’t know…

Strong Taste

Tap water in Barcelona is
considered “hard” due to high
level of minerals, mostly
calcium. It’s also why it has such
a strong taste.

Eat Plastic

Barcelona water is full of micro-
. The water treatment plant can’t filter them all, and in
average we drink 2 credit cards
per month.

Good or Bad

Even though Chlorine is essential
to water treatment it’s toxic to
humans, and known to cause
negative health effects &
possibly cancer.

“I thought I knew more about Barcelona water. Some things really surprised me. Really cool quiz, now I can test my friends with some Barcelona water facts.”

Daniel Baudy- Barcelona 2019

Fun quiz. At the end I’ve decided to give Osmosys guy a go and there coming to test my water this week. I’ve also referred it to a friend, so I’m getting a free water bottle as well. I never win anything haha.”

Marcos Luna - Barcelona 2019

Why water filters are so convenient

good for you and the environment!

Drink More Water

Enjoy the convenience of
filtered tap water on the
go. Drink up & stay healthy!

Save the Planet

Stop buying plastic water
bottles and save 43kg of
plastic per year. Be a hero!

Save Money

Spend less money and
drink healthy water directly
from your tap.

Do you know how much we spend on bottled water per year?

Meet The Osmo

The first Home Water Filter Service in Barcelona. Drink up!

As pure as it gets

Water filter that removes
chlorine and remineralise
your tap water.

Filters everything

Removes all solids from
Barcelona tap water. Including
micro-plastics & bacteria.

Install & be happy

Our subscription service makes
it easy for you to drink quality
water and focus on what’s

No maintenance

No need to buy new filters.
We track your device and
change the filters
periodically free of charge.

Delicious taste

Get rid of the “hard” water
taste. Remineralise your
water and choose from 3
different water profiles.

Track your thirst

With the Osmosys App you can
track your water consume, and
know the condition of your
filters from your phone.

Osmosys: Easy, convenient, high quality filtered water from your tap.

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