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Stop wasting money on bottled water and reduce your plastic waste.
Unlimited mineral water from the comfort of your home.

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More than Water

To stay hydrated you shouldn’t have to leave the house and walk to the supermarket. 

It’s possible to reduce your plastic impact, save time and money and do all of this comfortably out of your own living room by signing up for Osmosys

Offer a healthier life to your children, pets and plants with the easy access to pure and great-tasting water. 

Why Osmosys


We install a free, high quality reverse osmosis filtration system.

Unlimited Hydration

Have direct access to unlimited healthy mineral water from your tap.

No Reason
To Worry

Our intelligent unit knows when the filters need a swap and we change them for you.

Just Enjoy Great Water

Water on demand, whenever you need it. No bottles, no shopping, and no waste.

Our Service

Sign up today and enjoy pure water from your tap tomorrow.

Free Install

In 48h after signup we install your free water filter

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From only 20€/month, no commitment, you can cancel at any time


Regular filter changes are included in your subscription

What Our Clients Say!

We got this water system just before the lockdown, and it was the best decision of the year! No more plastics, also we live in 4th floor without elevator, so not having to carry the heavy water everyday is another plus! Since we got Osmosys, we are definitely drinking more water than we did before, and the water tastes just soooo smooth! Great service in general!
Tan Jin
We've been using Osmosys system since march, in two different locations, and we are very happy about it. The technology is reliable and ecological, the water tastes (and is) pure, the founders are really nice and quickly respond to our demands. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to drink good water in Barcelona and get rid of plastic bottles.
Charlotte Jean

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This is your chance to join the revolution and drink water the way of the 21st century.

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